EasyVista x Symplifyr

We adopt Enterprise Service Management (ESM) to foster the adoption of good Service Management practices across all areas of the company and to provide a global and integrated approach, with a high degree of automation and strong analytical capabilities. We seek to identify the processes and critical areas for improvement and from there set ambitious goals, that lead to relevant impact on the business. These can be related with efficiency, performance, costs, customer satisfaction, etc.

EasyVista’s Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions, together with our frameworks BI and Automation technologies, provide a simple and rapid way to support your business processes digitalization across IT, HR, facilities, finance, customer service and other departments will lead to better efficiency, reduced operational costs, improved collaboration and communication, and increased visibility within the organization.

Reduce costs
by as much as 50%

productivity by 30%

Easyvista is a proven IT Service Management (ITSM) platform that aligns with your business objectives, integrates easily with any current systems, and includes best practices — such as the 11 ITIL Pink Verified processes built into EasyVista — your entire organization will see the benefits in efficiency and standardization.

With Easyvista industry-standard processes can be integrated into one platform for success fostering standardization and automation. Keep costs down and productivity up with a platform that responds to business changes, gives users an experience that breeds adoption, and delivers strong time-to-value with robust workflow capabilities.

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